Missed Miscarriage – 1 in 4

‘Through thick and Thin’

Alex and I both know the feeling of loss and grief only too well. We also know this is one of the twists in the journey of life, just as our vows reminded us last year through the good times and bad, through thick and thin 💔

Initially this was something we were going to deal with totally private at home. Very much like the past few months. But actually like any of my blogs I’ve written, my long winded social media status’s – it’s actually like a mental release for me. A diary that I’ve made public.

As a lot of our life is on social media, we often share a lot of positivity because that’s how we choose to live a day to day ‘glass always half full not empty’ attitude but we are always authentic, real and honest and sometimes reality isn’t always the good. I don’t want any sympathy from this, it’s not my reason for this post, it’s purely to raise awareness and to help other women that may read this that have gone through the same. It’s also so we don’t have to have the same distressing conversations time and time again.

I’m also well aware that many people will go through this time and time again and we are incredibly blessed with two children already, but it doesn’t make it any easier in this moment.

‘Breaking a taboo’ 

The things women have to go through in silence, and then carry on life as if nothing has happened. Some may find this upsetting, some may wonder why I’m speaking out. But now that this is something I myself have experienced and that we are dealing with, we know this topic just isn’t being spoken about, or at least not enough. The first thing I did was want to hear REAL Women’s stories about why this could of happened and what to expect next. There is a total lack of sharing, speaking and honesty. So if I can reach one other woman that is going through this now and offer some relief or comfort that I too am going through this, it forms a community of sharing. Sharing the heartache and sorrow, but also sharing that its ‘okay’ to speak out. This isn’t something you have to hide and pretend isn’t happening.

Being totally off the radar for most of this year, business wise and socially has led to us both receiving a crazy amount of messages checking we are both okay, wondering what is going on. Which is lovely that so many people cared enough to ask; and often said they were missing our social media posts and seeing stories of what we all get up to.

I can now let everyone know that the reason I fell off the face of the planet was because earlier this year in February we were over joyed to find out that we were expecting much wanted baby Salter number 3. It is no secret that we have wanted to add to our family for a while but in 2018 we had our wedding so decided to wait. We were overjoyed to know that 2019 was the year our family was getting bigger.

Almost immediately I became very poorly with acute sickness – not ‘morning’ sickness like your told. This was all day and often night sickness – up to sometimes 30 times a day of being sick or literally over the toilet wanting to be sick with extreme nausea. I suffered nausea, what I thought was fairly badly with my pregnancy with jeorgie, but this was a whole other level. It totally wiped me out and I was physically unable to move most days. Alex totally had no choice but to take over the role of Mummy and Daddy and I would get up and help where I could which wasn’t very often. As a lot of you know I’m a busy person at the best of times, I don’t sit down, whether I’m working, doing stuff round the house, cooking, with my bubba’s or whatever it may be, I literally don’t stop. So I found it really hard to be out of action; but reminded myself how lucky I was to be dealing with the sickness and be blessed with this pregnancy.


During this time I found a real lack of openness and understanding around this type of sickness. Like real knock you side ways sickness. My whole mouth was cracked and blistered from not drinking enough, and being sick, my lips were bleeding, I was as white as anything. My sense of smell had gone into over drive meaning anything could tip me over the edge and I would need to lie down, or throw up.

As you will know, a lot of my business is either on social media – photos, stories, using products, talking, OR face to face meetings, trainings and so forth. I couldn’t do anything because I was in such a state and of course we DONT speak about our growing miracles until we are deemed safe at that all important 12 week mark. This is tradition isn’t it?! The past few months has made me question tradition….

I mean what do you say when your so poorly, you can’t do anything? if you can’t tell people what’s really going on as we are told not to?! The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve found the whole subject baffling because what if you just can’t carry on with the everyday?

In all honestly unless you’ve been through this kind of sickness I don’t think you understand it. But if you know someone going through this, then know that it’s TOUGH, it’s not exaggerated, it’s real and it can last a long time. Luckily I’ve had some truly amazing people around me that have checked in, sent little care packages, and made sure we had enough help with Jenson and jeorgie. Of course, I can’t thank Alex enough for totally taking caring of not only Jenson, Jeorgie and me, but literally everything from the early mornings to the late nights and everything in between.

Because I was so sick, I had 2 early scans. Firstly because i thought their must be twins being this ill! But also for peace of mind. The first time we saw a little jelly bean with a heart beat, and the second time a properly formed little bubba with a strong heart beat moving around with the arms and legs forming. During the 2nd scan I was past 10 weeks and was told the chances of anything going wrong after that point dramatically decreases to a very low percentage which was reassuring.

Along with acute sickness and the usual pregnancy effects, I was quickly sporting a rather big bump. After 2 babies and probably not a great deal of muscle memory, my bump popped out very quick. It’s been hidden on the rare occasions I’ve been out in public under baggy shirts, but on our recent holiday to Tenerife in a swim suit it was hard to hide so I decided to embrace the bump. After all, I was only a week off the ‘safe’ mark of 12 weeks. We had taken many photos of bump already, to document the pregnancy like we had previously with Jenson and Jeorgie and we were so excited to be able to properly tell the children this week.

When you have a bump I think you automatically can’t help sitting with your hands on the bump, giving it a little rub and you start to fall in love with your little baby you haven’t met yet. It’s a natural instinct.

On the morning of our scan at the 3 month mark, I was being sick as usual but we were super excited to see little baby again and to finally be able to share our news. As I laid on the bed, the sonographer got the image of the baby up on the screen and instantly I couldn’t see the heart beat. She moved the scan around – and then the words came ‘I’m really sorry to say, the heart beat isn’t there’ – HOW CAN THAT BE?! I have a bump, I’m still being sick… In a matter of seconds the excitement of the past few months came crashing down and I just burst into floods of tears.


When you hear someone has had a miscarriage, you assume their has been some signs, some sort of warning, some bleeding or spotting. Maybe giving you have a reason to think something is wrong. But no, there is also such a thing as a SILENT miscarriage or the technical term which was stated on the form we were given to leave with a ‘Missed Miscarriage’. A cruel trick your body plays to make you think your still pregnant but in fact your little heart beat has stopped 💔

There is very little information online about this kind of miscarriage – 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 1% of these are missed or silent. Another reason for me to speak out. When something happens, I think with technology nowadays, most peoples reaction is to reach to google. However this isn’t usually the best idea and for anyone going through the same, I would recommend ONLY looking at the official miscarriage association website, an official organisation that has true facts, and also real women’s stories – although very few are actually on silent miscarriage still, you will find some there.

‘Choosing the right option for you & your body’

After a silent miscarriage you have 3 options – to see what your body will do naturally. I’ve been told by a doctor as the pregnancy hormone is so high within me it could be another month before anything happens and my body will carry on ‘acting’ pregnant and then possibly another 3 weeks for my body to ’empty’

This was just not an option for me, especially with still being sick daily.

As much as we didn’t want to let this baby go, my body wasn’t letting it go, and it obviously wasn’t ready to let us go either 💔

Option two is to be induced by medication which again could happen at any point after, and option three is a surgical procedure. I won’t go into the details but you can pretty much guess what happens in both. We decided to go for option 3 and made what we felt was the best decision for us, we both felt this was best for not only me to deal with physically but also both of us mentally and emotionally.

From making a decision on option 3 it was then a case of where could we get it done and for me it was a case of the sooner the better. I rang around a few hospitals and the earliest I was told it would be is the following week, this just felt like a lifetime away so I kept persisting. Finally I managed to speak to a lady who understood how upset I was and she got me an appointment for 2 days time and said they had availability for the surgery 4 days after that. This was as good as I was going to get so I took it.

‘The process’

At the assessment they said that because of the nature of my condition they could actually get me in the following day which was of course even better. I was told to be nil by mouth and return in the morning. As I sat gowned up ready to go to theatre, we were told there was an emergency in so we might have a bit of a wait. 6 hours later we were told that another lady had come in that really needed surgery and as much as I was an emergency, this lady was worse off. Of course, even though I had prepared myself psychologically, this is a reminder that there usually is someone worse off than you, it got to the end of the day and the doctor told me the news that I was dreading as the hours passed that I wouldn’t be seen today so to get dressed and go home with instructions to go nill by mouth again, and to come back the next morning at 7.30am.

The following day came around and we were back as instructed for 7.30am it took a further 3hrs to be seen by the doctor who this time informed me that even more priority cases had emerged that put me further down the list. I was taken to a ward and told I had to remain nil by mouth and wouldn’t be taken through to surgery until 6pm at the earliest. Luckily thanks to family and friends we managed to arrange childcare for both days so that Alex could stay by my side throughout. I had spent the past few days since we had the scan trying to occupy my time and my mind as much as possible and was then confined to a bed for pretty much 48hrs which was hard.

Again the hours passed, as did 6pm, and the pressure was building that I would again be told to go home. Finally at 7pm almost 12 hours since we first arrived and after having one meal and drink in almost 48hrs I was called to theatre.

The nurses that collected me in my bed to take me down were extremely compassionate and kind, so much so that I actually broke down in floods of tears, it had been an intense and emotional 2 days (few days) and I guess there was some relief in there too that I was actually finally being seen.


I cannot fault the care we have received which included being given options for a funeral if we chose, further medical testing, and also counselling. The ladies have been amazingly caring, sympathetic and non judgmental. Any length of wait for this kind of thing is painfully difficult and I know that I’ve been lucky in a sense because I happened to speak to someone on the phone that got me in straight the way. We have just had to play the waiting game which seemed like forever but then this could of also been another week or more down the line going through the same thing at another hospital. Every time the curtain opened or you heard the doctors voice I was hoping it was because I was next to be seen. They are so overworked and I’m sure underpaid for what they actually do. I have to say that the next time someone wants to bash the NHS, I personally feel we are SO lucky to have this service for us when something happens like this completely out of the blue.

And just like that, in the blur of coming round in recovery, you go from your body being ‘pregnant’ to not. Going home punctured from blood tests and cannula’s, bruised, bleeding not just physically but emotionally. Back empty and at a loss of what to do next. Do you carry on the dream of baby number 3, or is this us being told we were selfish for wanting a third healthy, happy baby when we’ve already got 2 and to be happy with what we’ve got?! Or do you risk the heart ache, and the danger again? Always wondering if on that next scan your heart beat with be there 💔 We don’t have an answer for any of those questions yet as this is still so raw but I guess time will tell as to how we feel in the future.

Never quite knowing if it’s something you did wrong, did you fail in some way. As someone that does everything by the ‘book’ I’ve wracked my brains thinking where I went wrong and if I could of done anything differently. Never knowing if you should stay silent or speak out. But in an age where mental health is everywhere, a world where anxiety is a term often used, then is it damaging for women not to speak out, to be able to share and get some relief, to be able to off load mentally?! Not only for women, but also for the other parents, who’s not only going through the physical side of pregnancy sickness or heaven forbid, miscarriage, but the mental side and seeing their partner or wife go through the physical distress. This is why I have written this….

For all the women that are going through a distressing time but feel they can’t speak out because it’s not the ‘done thing’ I have chosen to speak out and hope that it can maybe helps someone in some way ❤️

Now only time will tell for us. It’s time to rest, recharge, heal both physically and mentally and count our blessings….

Em xx

Our Summer of Adventure


‘Our Summer of Adventure’


Jenson and Jeorgie ready for our summer of adventure


5 days after returning from a summer in Spain, I thought it would be a great time to do my blog post on what we learnt about living in a different country for the summer.

Last year we made the decision that we would spend this summer away living the ultimate beach life before our little boy starts nursery school in September.

Valencia was our location of choice, We chose here for a few reasons. One was, that we already knew another family there. Another was that from a previous visit, we loved the laid back feel of this city, and it’s also very accommodating for children.

So straight after our wedding in Ibiza we returned home and packed up for 3 months in the sunshine. This city is known for its temperatures and almost no rain EVER! Sounds amazing right?! Well it was just that, it was incredible to wake up to blue skies each morning, that’s definitely something I’ll miss being back in England.

There’s just something that sets you in a great mood walking outside in the morning to warm temperatures and blue sky. I even think it puts children in a good mood!

Our morning routine consisted of walking along the beach side to the park each day. Seeing how happy and relaxed our children were at this time was amazing. It was pretty much non stop smiles and laughter.

BUT…living abroad in the heat means that once 11am hits, it almost becomes unbearable to be outside. So we found we adopted the Spanish way of life of being indoors at these strong peaks of sunshine.

“This is where we perhaps made our first mistake of Spanish living and one we could of avoided.”

Our Accommodation

We didn’t check out our place before moving there. We actually did everything online, and just went by pictures. We booked a 2 story apartment and we actually only lived on one floor of it (due to an open stair way and two toddlers, we blocked off the top floor!) but it meant that time indoors on one floor – could sometimes be a challenge. There wasn’t much room to spread out!

We also now know that if your going to go and live abroad at peak season times, a pool is ESSENTIAL! Luckily we had friends in Valencia with a pool, but we felt you almost need your own pool with young children because due to the high temperature during the midday sun the beach is just too hot for them. We seemed to find that come early evening around 6pm was the perfect temperature for them.

Jeorgie and Jenson ‘cooling off ‘ in the shade after a day in the sun


“The language barrier was probably one of the biggest challenges for me.”

Picking a more traditional city to live means almost nobody speaks English. I do feel a little lazy writing this, expecting people to speak English. Although I feel that this is what we’ve almost become to expect when travelling abroad.

The language barrier was probably one of the biggest challenges for me. We had this ‘great idea’ that we would learn some Spanish before we went. Well this never happened! My first food shop in Spain took me double the time. I couldn’t find anything and I couldn’t ask anyone. I quickly learnt where the bread, cheese and wine was and this pretty much became our diet for the summer! – hence why I’m starting a juice cleanse this week (check out my insta stories for that one!)

As a mummy though I found this particularly hard. I didn’t realise how much I took for granted just being able to quickly communicate. Especially if we needed something quickly. We lived by using the google translate app. I definitely feel inspired to learn a language properly in the future though. Between us we picked up a lot of vocabulary and our understanding was definitely got a better understanding towards the end. However, our children definitely picked up more spoken words than us. Which was another amazing thing to see, just how quick and easy children can adept to another way of life and even a new language. If I was going to make a permanent move abroad, this would definitely be the time while they are so young.

The Location

A huge bonus of our summer was being in a city where we already had friends. Especially for our first time doing this kind of thing. I don’t actually think we could of coped otherwise, I think we must of asked about 10 questions a day on various things. If anyone is thinking of doing something similar for the first time – it is a huge advantage to know someone from the area. You don’t realise until your there, how much you take for granted at home knowing simple things such as where’s best to park, can you take a buggy to that certain place, where can I get a certain brand of something, where’s best to eat, is there any indoor children’s activities. So many things where if you don’t speak the language it’s hard to find. Another huge plus was knowing a family with children a similar age, meaning regular play dates and some down time for us.

I don’t think our summer would of been half as enjoyable without this wonderful family we are lucky enough to call friends. Thank you Daniel, Marie, Win and Adella!

Home Sweet Home

This definitely leads me on to the topic of feelings of being away from home. Now I’m going to sound such a baby but I was homesick after a week. Once the initial ‘Oh this isn’t a holiday, we are here much longer’ feeling kicked in. I adore travelling but I also love home. I would of probably come home after 10 days if Alex had let me, so there was definitely an adjustment period. It was made easier by the fact my mum came to visit. Again, this makes me sound such a baby, but I missed my mum. I speak to my mum sometimes up to about 10 times a day. We speak everyday pretty much without fail so it was hard to be away. However now looking back, the 3 months went in a blink of an eye and I’m so glad Alex never let me come home as we had a summer to remember and made so many memories as a family.

One of my biggest learnings was that personally as a mummy I really need some ‘silent time’. Let me explain myself as I don’t mean time to go and do my own thing necessarily. I mean at home, sometimes I enjoy just going upstairs for 20 mins while Alex is downstairs with the children. Even if I’m folding clothes and putting them away or hanging out some washing. I know all non mums reading this will be thinking ‘do you seriously count that as me time?!’ Well sorry but sometimes as a mum on a busy day, that’s about as much as you get.

Alex and I having some ‘me’ time


So living in a one floor apartment I didn’t get that all summer and I really missed it. I actually realised for me as a person and as a mum it’s vital for my own mindset to have this time. Which is why I’m actually implementing a new morning routine to build in an hour of me time. I’ve never been a morning person but I’m realising that’s a mindset. So here’s to a new routine and making sure I get that valuable time. I’ll keep you posted on this another time….

One of the biggest things we noticed as a family was (despite the bread and cheese for me and Alex!) was how healthy we actually were during that 3 months. I don’t know if it is the sunshine or the relaxed lifestyle but we didn’t have a snotty nose in site! Even with our children playing with other children. I know that when at home, soft play/nursery/play dates – it seems relentless with the little coughs, and colds they pick up. We had 3 months of literally nothing and it was a dream.

I would recommend this relaxed way of life to anyone. In fact we will definitely do something similar next summer, maybe in a different location. I’m very lucky in that because I work remotely, I can travel and work from anywhere in the world. I have to admit – to distinguish from a holiday and living abroad is hard! I could of easily spent the entire summer doing nothing. However, I did work my business still every day even if it wasn’t to the extent I would at home. I would say if your self employed and wanting to do something similar, this is definitely a challenge but at the same one a good and privileged one to have.

Our Spanish adventure has taught me so much about a different culture, language, me as a person and about our family. We are truly grateful for the experiences we’ve had, the friendships we’ve made and to be able to give our children this incredible summer.

The tan may fade but the memories will sure last forever ❤️

Our Wedding – The best night of our lives

27th May 2018 

The best night of our lives.



The night we said ‘I do’ on the magical island of Ibiza in front of our nearest and dearest that traveled to be with us. A night of so much love and laughter, that will be remembered forever.

When Alex proposed to me in August 2016, after never discussing getting married I was taken by complete surprise. We were in Santorini on holiday, when he got down on one knee at sunset on a bed of rose petals. An even bigger surprise, that was before even asking me to his wife, he already booked to go and see a venue out in Ibiza.

We were on a business trip to Ibiza a few months previous, and were eating dinner at Cotton Club in Cala Tarida. We looked down and saw someone having wedding photos on the beach at sunset.

I looked down and said ‘wow what an amazing place to get married’ as I’m obsessed with sunsets and this is probably one of the most perfect spots on the island to see the sunset without the hustle and bustle of San Antonio. That stuck with Alex and in September 2016 our venue Cas Mila restaurant in Cala Tarida was booked, just like that.

I spent no time looking at other options on the island, although I know there are many beautiful locations. That spot seemed perfect because of our previous conversation about it, and because Alex had been so thoughtful in booking to go and view it, even before proposing.

So 20 months between booking the venue and the wedding taking place gave me A LOT of time to look on Pinterest and really think about what I wanted. I could discuss weddings all day long. I’ve completely fell in love with being in this wedding bubble and I miss it already. I’m not looking for another business as I love what I do, but if I was…..wedding planning would be it!

However, in this blog, I’m going to give you my top tips for a destination wedding aka abroad weddings.


Top 5 tips for a destination wedding


  1. Use a Wedding Planner

I would highly recommend working with a wedding planner. I don’t actually know what I would of done without one. If you know Ibiza at all, you’ll know that everyone is SO relaxed! This means, if you don’t have a relationship with someone, it takes an age to get a response from anyone about anything. Using a planner means they already have that relationship with suppliers on the island, and can help with the details. I booked my wedding through Ibiza wedding shop who work direct with Cas Mila restaurant. You can book a package with them, which can cover everything you would need to host your big day.

I don’t want to give any Cas Mila brides a false impression, as I changed a lot of what was on offer to us. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to achieve, so if Ibiza wedding shop didn’t have it, I found it. But the planners I worked with were more than accommodating to make sure all my wishes for the day, were carried out and there are lots of great suppliers on the island for decorative bits and pieces if you want to make any changes to your package. Always ask your planner first, as this cuts out a lot of your time and efforts as your planner may be able to source it or know someone who can. My motto when wedding planner was ‘I just thought I would ask the question….’

You may feel like your bombarding your planner with questions and requests but honestly don’t feel like that. This is your special day and you want everything to be running smooth. On that note, another bonus of working with a planner, means your day runs to schedule. Our wedding over ran hugely on timings WITH a planner, so without a planner the evening just would not of gone accordingly.

  1. The Photographer

Pick your photographer wisely! These are your future memories of your day.

A lot of destination wedding packages come with a photographer and these can be great. Plus your guests can take amazing photos. We have some lovely ones, that guests captured on their phones and own cameras.

But for me, our photos were up there with one of the most important things of the day. Picking to get married in the evening, I also knew I wanted to a photographer that was amazing at capturing bright sunlight shots, to those incredible sunset shots, to evening shots.

We chose Rebecca Claire photography, through recommendation. I immediately fell in love with her style of images and knew she would be perfect for our day. We have not been disappointed. We are totally blown away by the work provided. In fact, some of the photos, I didn’t even know she was there, and moments have been captured so beautifully. Not just of us, our children and our guests. Looking at our wedding portfolio of 800 edited photos, was like reliving the day.

Rebecca flew from the UK to Ibiza. She made sure she was there a few days before the wedding, to scope out the venue, to know what shots we were getting at what time, and in what lighting. We communicated regularly, and sent ideas back and forth for inspiration.

Wedding days go fast and as a bride you can be pulled in many directions. The wedding planner will be telling you one thing to make sure the day runs on time, you’ll be wanting to keep your guests happy and socialise, there’s so much going on. However, this means the photographer can be pulled in many directions too, and you could lose the shots you really want. Rebecca owned it in this respect, she knew what imagery I wanted for our day, and if that meant telling the planner to wait that extra 30 seconds to make sure we got the perfect photo, then she did. All of this meant we got exactly what we wanted.

‘Rebecca – we can’t thank you enough,

you truly captured the love and happiness we felt on the day perfectly.’ 

  1. Videography

So your day or night goes by in a flash. Your in a bubble of excitement, nerves, happiness and love. You leave your wedding on cloud 9, and you want to relive those moments over and over…..make sure you have a videographer!

Only 8 weeks on from our wedding, I can honestly say that I cannot wait to watch Alexs speech back. It was so emotional and hilarious all rolled into one. I want to watch it back at home to really take in all the words he said. It all happens so fast, and with the bubbles not helping (!) some of the most special words your new Husband has said to you, can be quickly forgotten.

Your day is BUSY, from start to finish. Plus you can’t be everywhere at once. Having a recording means you capture so much from the day, and from guests and it may be things you didn’t even know happened.

We chose to have Ravi as our videographer. Again I knew exactly what I wanted, and we shared ideas beforehand. Ravi made sure again he came to the venue, and knew the running of the day.

This is so important to give to both the photographer and videographer – what do you want capturing, and so where should they be and at what times. Plus if there’s anything really specific you want, make sure you communicate. You can’t go back and get this footage after so make sure your clear on what you want.

We have a 5 minute trailer of our wedding and still waiting for the full version. I know this will be worth every second of the wait. Watching our 5 minute trailer was magical and can’t recommend Ravi’s style of work enough.

On a personal note, videographers are going to capture EVERYTHING! Ravi made everyone totally relaxed. In fact half the time you didn’t even know he was there. Looking back at our trailer again I was thinking, I didn’t even know he was filming at certain moments. That’s the art of a good videographer, you don’t even know they are there, meaning nothing at all looks staged or false. It’s just a natural video of the day.

‘Thank you Ravi for capturing our day and giving us a video we will play ourselves over and over but show our children in the future. It’s perfect. ‘

  1. Your Glam Squad 

Probably my most asked question about our wedding, was who did my hair and make up. I took both my hair and make up stylist with me from the UK. They were both girls I knew, and i actually thought cost wise for what I was having – it didn’t work out that much more to fly them out (if you can get the flights reasonable)

This meant I could have my trials in advance rather than on my wedding week.  Meaning my wedding build up was a little more relaxing! Again, I knew what I wanted for both but because I knew both girls that came out, I trusted them totally with what they were doing for the big day.

The best thing about knowing both my hairdresser and make up artist was that I was totally at ease on the day. I knew what I was going to look like (very important! I didn’t want any crazy make up surprises on the day!)

Both girls also made everything so relaxing for both myself and my bridal party – we actually ended up being ready bang on time! This was actually really important to me – any Cas Mila brides you’ll know you have a fairly late start if like us you’ve picked a sun set wedding and I didn’t want to eat into a second of it by running over on getting ready when we had all day.

So a little heads up – it takes AGES to get ready on your wedding day! Typically I get ready really quick for a night out, I have two children so don’t have time anymore to spend hours getting ready. Luckily my hairdresser and make up artist had pre-scheduled everything. They knew who was having hair and make up done at exactly what time. Which meant the day just ‘flowed’

We had myself, my Mum, 4 bridesmaids and my close friend who read my reading to get ready. We started getting ready at midday and were ready at 6.10pm for pick up! That was my hair dresser with an extra stylist on hand. Plus my make up artist with an additional pair of hands.

If like me, you don’t want to take up your precious wedding time – get organised and planned with the timings of your day. It will make you feel totally relaxed before you arrive. There was not one second of flapping or stress on the day – and I put it totally down to having the best glam squad I could of imagined. Thank you Joanne and Emily!

  1. The Dress

Book to get your dress steamed before the big day –I am SO glad I did this!

 This was one of my big worries about a destination wedding was how my dress would travel, would there be somewhere that could steam it. What if it was creased. What if something happened to it!

My dress came beautifully boxed and ready for travel from the amazing Nobel and Wright Atalier. I highly recommend all brides to get their dress boxed including their veil. Also make sure you have been talked through how to repack it to bring it back as there is a ‘knack’ to how the boxes are closed and tied for you to carry it with ease.

We made sure we booked priority seating with our airline which guaranteed my hand luggage came on board as there was no way I was parting with my dress until it was safely hung the other end!

My dress was silk so not the best material to travel with – in all honesty I didn’t even think about it when I fell in love with the dress. Actually due to it being so carefully boxed it wasn’t overly creased but as I would expect any bride would want, I wanted it literally perfect.

I found the Zoe the Steamstress in Ibiza. She is the only recommended and trusted person I found on the island. She did a fantastic job with both my dress and veil – my dress actually looked impeccable!!

She also steamed my our dressing gowns for getting ready, my silk pjs, the grooms suit and a few other bits and pieces. Some we pre booked, some we sprung on her last minute and she was more than accommodating.

‘Thank you Zoe for making sure my dress was picture perfect’

Ladies if you want her, get your deposits paid to secure her! 

So they are my top 5 tips – I’m sure I will think of loads more I should of written but I’m going to do another one on all my decorative pieces I found, my wedding dress shopping experience and more as I’m still getting so many questions.

Biggest tip of all – when you arrive at your ceremony – take it all in, as that moment you walk down the aisle is over in a flash and you’ll want to do it over and over again. So let any stress you may be feeling go away, don’t worry about how anything looks, or whether things are in the right place, or whether a family member is getting on with who they are sat next to – none of that matters on the day. This is your special moment to enjoy and I can hand on heart say I let any of my pre stresses go and soaked up every moment from getting ready with my special girls and my mum, through to the special moment when I headed towards my husband, right through until the very end of the night. Everything else in that moment was irrelevant.

The people that helped me achieve my amazing day!

Rebecca Claire Photography


Joanne Moriarty – Hairdresser


Zoey Evans – Dress Steaming


Emily Jane Williams – Make up


Wedding Planner – Ibiza Wedding Shop


Limelight TV – Videographer


Noble and Wright Atelier – Wedding Dress shop


On My Wedding Eve…

Thank you Mr Universe; dreams really can come true.

Today is my wedding eve, and as I prepare to walk down the aisle tomorrow I have a mix of emotions…..nervousness, excitement and love all wrapped up into one.

Prior to getting engaged, Alex and I never spoke about getting married. His proposal came out of the blue, but I’ve counted down to this moment ever since. 20 months of planning have lead to this day and I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be walking down the aisle in front of our loved ones to start our next chapter as Mr and Mrs.

I was never a young girl that really dreamed of her wedding day. Maybe the odd comment about wanting a castle and horse and carriage. But I didn’t really envision the day. I think as a young girl you just assume that the day will come when you will marry.

However, I definitely know that this feeling had well and truly left me in my twenties. I am writing this now for all the other women who feel the same…..

‘No one can love you until you learn to love yourself’

At the age of 27 I moved home with my parents. I had a mattress on the spare room floor. I was in debt and angry that in my late twenties my life was taking a different direction to what I thought it would. That same year I moved home, two of my oldest friends were getting married and starting families. It seemed everyone around me was settling down, nobody was like me anymore and living for the weekends. They were happy to stay home for their couples nights in, and I just wanted to go out and be enjoying myself. I suppose I thought the more you went out, the better chance you had of meeting someone. This wasn’t the case for me.

Two relationships in my twenties had seen me heartbroken. One left me a self confessed man hater, the other left me with a truly heavy heart under circumstances out of anyone’s control.

I was nearing 30, and thought my life needed to change. I started doing a lot of self development, and I read that you need to be truly happy on your own, to ever find the right person. I 100%, hand on heart believe this is correct. I needed to be content just being me. So that’s what I did, I became happy being me. I loved me for who I was, and who I was becoming. I realised that if I didn’t love and value me, nobody else would.


I starting visualising the life I wanted. You might totally be on the same page as me now, or you might be thinking what is she on about?! Either way I don’t mind. This has worked for me, and if I can help one other woman to love herself in her pursuit for happiness then I’ll be happy.

I visualised the man that would walk into my life, all I wanted in a partner. And in that moment I was content that this would happen, and it isn’t a huge rush. I looked at other couples with love, not envy. Your twenties are about learning, finding out who you are, who you want to be, where you want to go in life. I’m actually so grateful for all my experiences as it’s bought me to the path I am on today. Nothing in my life has been rushed, I’ve taken my time, made my mistakes and now as I approach 34 years in age, I would say (as I’m about to become a wife) I am truly happy with the way my life has gone. There is no regret, no wishing anything had happened sooner. Suck up the sad times, to appreciate the great times.

I had faith in the universe and sure enough the man I had visualised walked into my life. Well technically not, I walked into his. Well, I’m actually not too sure you can call tweeting someone’s business page about your business either of those things. But that’s how this whole thing began. I am so thankful for social media for more than just my own social media based business. Social media bought my future husband into my life (take note social media haters!).

We didn’t meet in a conventional way and, if you know us, we aren’t very conventional with anything. We moved in after 4 months of knowing each other, taking a chance on how we felt, despite many people saying it wouldn’t work and it was too rushed. We started our family having never spoke about marriage. Alex booked our wedding venue before even asking me to marry him, and tomorrow you will see our 2 year old son be best man at our wedding.

We never do things by half, but we do things we love. And I wouldn’t of wished for my journey to be any other way.

So on my wedding eve, I want to make two special thank you’s. One to Mr Universe, for leading me always in the direction I need to be. And the second to Mr S, Alex, tomorrow I become your wife. I couldn’t be more happy and proud and can’t wait to see you as I walk down the aisle to you.

‘Sometimes the most difficult paths lead you to the most beautiful destinations’

And for all the other women that feel how I felt and for my daughter Jeorgie as she reads this when she grows up, have faith, have fun, be you, act with love….and everything will work out as it should…..Who are we comparing to anyway?! This is your life, your journey, and your story.

Love from the very soon to be Mrs Salter x

This Mum Club is HARD!  

Becoming a Mum For The First Time

I can’t say I ever had an over whelming desire to be a Mum at all as I was growing up, and through my twenties. I always thought it probably would happen at some point but it wasn’t until I met Alex and was in a happy, stable relationship that I really thought about it more. I liked holding other people’s babies but I wouldn’t say I was particularly ‘maternal’.

Alex and I were very fortunate that I fell pregnant very quickly once we decided we wanted a family. I remember the day I found out, and I felt instantly different. Like you actually aren’t the most important person in the world anymore.

I took my pregnancy very seriously. I instantly cut out everything the ‘books and apps’ told me to. In fact I lived by books, apps and google. I read up everyday on being a Mummy, I loved looking at the app each week and finding out what amazing things were going on in my tummy. The woman’s body truly is the most incredible thing on earth. Every mummy should be made to feel proud of what they have accomplished carrying a baby.

I guess I had a very fairytale image of what being a Mummy would be like. I think I thought I would carry about my normal day but just have this little human with me…..how wrong was I?! Especially because I was so involved in my growing business, I thought I would carry on exactly as normal.

My birth in the grand scheme of things, despite Jenson being back to back, was relatively okay. I mean, the gas and air made for some good comedy stories for Alex. The moment my baby boy was passed to me was the most magical moment of my life. Those first few hours holding him on my chest were so special and I’ll always remember them.

We were out of hospital within 7 hours of Jenson arriving into this world. That first night Jenson slept a solid 12 hours. Alex and I woke in the morning and were like WOW that was so easy. What’s everyone going on about when they say being a parent is hard work?! Yep we actually said that!!!

Day two and I entered Mum club with a bang. Nocturnal sleep patterns, not knowing how to use this new steriliser, Googling every half hour making sure I was doing something right or not. Sleep when the baby sleeps they say…..what about the washing, the cleaning, showering, feeding yourself, running a business and don’t even get me started on the hair washing! 2 and a half years on and dry shampoo is still my best friend and I’m not ashamed I rock the mum bun most days.

When 2 Became 3

We settled into life as 3, and we spent a lot of time travelling with my business, especially abroad. The beauty of my business means that I come as a package. If my family can’t come, then I don’t go. Of course there are times we chose to travel just Alex and I depending on where it’s to and what is going to be best for our family.

We decided quite quickly that we wanted to add to our tribe, and wanted our first two children to be close in age, so tried for another baby when Jenson was just 9 months and again I was very lucky to fall pregnant again very fast.

Being pregnant and with a toddler was HARD. It was a completely different pregnancy experience. 20 weeks of all day sickness thrown in and a house move didn’t help proceedings (through my blogs you’ll start to learn I don’t do things by half!). Having a child to take care of every second, one that was at a stage that always wanted or needed picking up was a challenge but I got through it and actually reached another pinnacle point in my business shortly before giving birth to our beautiful baby girl.

My second birthing experience was quite a bit quicker. I woke up at 3am with pains minutes apart, and if the hospital had picked up on my waters not breaking properly we would of been all done within 3 hours. Another back to back baby but I’m grateful things went smoothly and I was entered into the wonderful pink bubble of little girlhood. I thought all through my pregnancy I was having a boy so it was just a brilliant surprise.

I loved both times not knowing the sex of our babies. Literally the best surprises of our lives.

Becoming a Mum of 2 Under 2

Well, what can I say about being a Mummy of 2 under 2… I think I’ve spent the past year figuring it all out. That’s reality. It’s taken me a WHOLE year to figure out how to do this. How you coordinate 2 children. Most days we are late. I don’t venture anywhere other than soft play, the supermarket or a family members house with both of them on my own. In fact it’s not worth taking a toddler anywhere they don’t want to be! It’s just easier being at home where they can play in comfortable surroundings.

Our travelling has decreased. Although we still do love our trips, I think we have scaled them down to more manageable destinations and lengths of time. Our 3 week trip we attempted to do started with me being told by check in agents that the cases were physically too heavy for the scales and items needed to be removed. Not just reshuffled round our bags, we had too much stuff, totally REMOVED!

My business is mainly run through nap times and in the evenings, or tag teaming with Alex. But that’s okay- that’s why I chose a work from home business so I can do this.

Don’t be fooled by an aesthetically pleasing Instagram. My days are full of toddler tantrums, snotty noses, a messy home, making 5 rounds of breakfast and dinner until I find something two fussy ones will eat, constant worry over whether I’m doing stuff right or being good enough, am I teaching them enough. I am tired a lot! That has been the toughest part of motherhood for me….the sleep deprivation.

I take my hat off to anyone that’s doing this solo. Honestly I salute you. You’re amazing.

Would I change anything? Probably the amount of time I’ve visited Google over the last 2 and a half years, I think that’s put more fear into me at times than was needed. Definitely the amount of time I’ve felt I’m not doing things right, or judged by others.

At the end of the day, motherhood like anything else is your own journey. You do what’s right for you and your children to get through each day.

I’ve learnt this Mum Club is hard, but is it worth it?! A million percent. I can’t even imagine my life before our babies now. The joy, laughter and love they bring me each day is priceless. I’m incredibly grateful I spend most moments with them, and I know that every hard time we face (like Jensons recent 5 month stint of waking up to 20 times a night) is a PHASE! It doesn’t matter how many times others feel the need to tell you your making a rod for your own back (ridiculous phrase) or that you shouldn’t allow your child to sleep in bed with you as you’ll never get them out, or you should wean them off their dummy early otherwise they will always need it (has anyone actually seen a twenty year old with a dummy still?! I think not). You always come through the phases, some might be longer than others but you do, and you learn how to deal with it that’s right for YOU and your family.

Seeing our two babies with this incredibly close bond is amazing and I wouldn’t change any of the last year. Well maybe if I could of got a bit more sleep it would of been good haha…..


A Grateful Heart Is a Magnet for Miracles

The Power of Gratitude

As we approach our first year in our new home, I often catch myself walking across the landing checking on our babies in bed and still stand here pinching myself that this is real. We OWN this home. It was only 5 years ago I was sleeping on a mattress on my parents spare room floor with all my possessions in one room feeling like every time I was making progress, life was sending me a curve ball. I then discovered something called GRATITUDE.

If you haven’t heard of gratitude, it’s very simple. You give thanks for everything you have and everything you ‘will have’. Now I may of lost a few of you right now, for thinking I’m crazy. Get to know me, and you’ll realise I really do not care if you think I’m a little bit ‘coo-coo’. In fact, the moment I stopped thinking about what other people thought of me, is exactly when my business started to boom, and my life began to dramatically change.

So I was introduced to a different way of thinking, and instead of wishing my life was different and being jealous of what I didn’t have, I was shown to appreciate what I have got, and carry on working hard, knowing that the things I wish for, will come to me. Because let’s be honest, we ALL have things to be grateful for even if we can’t see it.

How Gratitude Changed My Life

Opening my eyes in the morning…..Okay so back then it was to 4 walls I didn’t want to particularly want to be in, BUT I was alive, had a roof over my head, in a warm, clean home, I had food, I was healthy, I had family, I had friends, I had a car that got me from A to B, and I had work ethic. I knew where I wanted to be, just didn’t know quite how to get there but I was willing to trust in a new way of thinking. Being resentful for everything I had lost, everything I didn’t have, being a victim of life was getting me nowhere.

So instead when I saw a couple holding hands, or a family with a newborn baby, or a girl dressed up being wined and dined on a date, I didn’t get envious, I thought how lovely. I was genuinely happy for other people’s happiness. I started thinking about all the things I would like in a partner, and really BELIEVE that i was going to meet the person I was meant to be with.

When I was driving around in the car that is spoken about quite often, with about a million miles on the clock and a puddle in the footwell, I didn’t hate it. I was grateful it was getting me safely to where I needed to be, and when I drove past dreamy 4×4 that I’ve always wanted to drive, I didn’t look at the driver with hate, I just started to visualise that being me. After lots of practice (and yes I may lose a few more of you here) of visualising what I wanted, when I got in my car, I was in my mind getting in my dream car being so thankful for what I had, and what I knew was coming. It’s almost a year since I was able to buy my dream Range Rover, and when I sit in that car, I am still SO grateful. The novelty has not warn off one bit. I still feel like the day I collected it from the garage. From having nothing, to having this new life, I will be forever grateful for. You will never see me get used to it. Probably why Primark is still my favourite shop…..I can’t see that changing?! Surely everyone loves a bit of Primark secretly.

I started using a money tracker where I tracked every penny in, and every penny out. Yes, PENNY! Even if I found a penny at the bottom of my bag, I would and still will say thank you. It’s money!! If you want to attract more of something into your life, you need to be grateful for what’s already there in front of you.

That was actually a huge learning for me after many many years of being silly with money, resulting in debt, and then unable to get finance on a car or any sort of home. Realising how much I could frivolously spend. Using a tracker made me grateful for every penny I earned, made me think about my spending, and made me grateful for money in general. Going from having a really bad attitude towards money to a sensible, healthy attitude towards it really has been a huge factor in my life. I’m so grateful I’ve changed my mindset on money. Every time I spend, I say thank you. Even if it’s just something small. When I’ve paid my bills, I’ll say thank you or write thank you on the bottom of a bill. If you are like I was, then I highly recommend tracking. It truly has changed a lot for me.

If you don’t think you’ve got anything to be grateful for, I challenge you to write down 10 things every night before bed, that you’re grateful for. I guarantee you, you’ll realise your luckier in life than you think you are. Our minds have a funny way of tricking us into being ungrateful, so being consistently thankful, trains you to think and feel differently. Being grateful often brings more happiness into people’s lives. I’ve seen it so many times.

Tonight as I lay on my toddlers floor getting him to stay in bed which he will only do if we ‘hold hands Mummy’, I won’t be wishing I was downstairs relaxing, or being able to get on with work. I’ll be eternally grateful for that moment. I choose to ignore the critics who tell me I’m a making a ‘rod for my own back’ (but more on this topic another day!) and instead I know that it won’t be forever that my beautiful boy is going to want to hold Mummies hand. So instead, I will take whatever time he needs to drift into his sleep, being super thankful for those chubby soft fingers wrapped round mine.

And on that note….I thank you for taking the time to read this and being supportive of my writing I share with you, and wish you to also believe in the POWER of gratitude.


Love, Money and Independance…..my journey to 1 Million

Right from when I was a little girl, I remember saying to family members the type of house I wanted to live in, or places I wanted to travel to, or the type of car I would like to drive. Everyone’s response was always ‘You need to marry a rich man for that!’. So, I could of spent my twenties in pursuit of a man with money, someone that was going to provide me with everything I dreamed of. BUT……….there are just a few things wrong with that, for me personally.

Firsty, I LOVE a good old fashioned love story. I know, that Alex and I are meant to be. I can’t tell you how right now, maybe I will save that for another blog post?!! I have seen a lot of ladies stay in relationships for finances instead of love, and that doesn’t sit right with me.  Secondly, I am far too fiercely independent to let someone else provide for me. Now, before I get a back lash of opinion, I am not saying there is anything wrong with being provided for. I have very good friends, who’s partners are the bread winners, or Mum’s that have stayed at home (who I absolutely take my hat off to) and I love when Alex buys me a gift, or treats me to dinner. But, I also love knowing that I can take care of myself.

I have always been so inspired by women in business. I used to love reading autobiographies of successful women living in the fast lane, all down to their own hard work. I love seeing ladies suited and booted, looking amazing about to rock into their work place, looking like they own the place. Growing up, I loved the idea of the finer things in life, but I knew I wanted to provide them, but I also knew that it would take bloody hard work!

Many people that know me, will know I went on a bit of a  journey with my ‘career’. Realising at 23 I had made a mistake with the degree I had taken, and knowing I wasn’t going to fit into the conventional corporate role, which I always thought was the key to my success, I knew I wanted to be self employed. I went down the route of owning a franchise. Very costly start up, which had to be financed, but for 7 years, I poured my everything into that business. It taught me a lot of business skills my degree didn’t teach me, and it taught me life skills. It also taught me that my traditional business ‘owned’ me, and that for as long as my hands needed to do all the work, I couldn’t have any freedom. I also knew, that you could earn all the money in the world, but if you had no time to enjoy it, it was all a bit pointless. One major lesson life in my twenties taught me, that life is short, and I intend to fully enjoy it and squeeze every second of enjoyment from it.

So…… alongside my franchise I began looking at other options. I didn’t actually know that I fell in line with million upon millions of the population that are all searching for that perfect ‘gig’, that extra way to make an income. So, I began ‘crystalizing’ shoes. Actually something that went onto be hugely popular but I listened to a NOT very wise person that told me I was ‘wasting my time’ and quickly gave up on that, then moved onto making gift cards, spray tanning, selling perfume, jewellery and clothing. I also dabbled at selling on ebay making all my money for a very expensive holiday but nothing was really setting me FREE.

My most successful side line business was my cake business that I had started with my Mum. Baking Love. This actually grew fairly quickly, and within a year, we had orders flooding in for weddings, hampers, we were interviewed on the radio, in magazines, and won a small business award. However, this business tied up my time more than any other. We were offered a contract to make a very large amount of hampers that would of given us a 6 figure sum, which we turned down due to the demands on our time. And, with that, I realised I still hadn’t found that business I was looking for.


One day, a girl I knew said to me ‘Are you just going to give up now, surely you can’t think of anything else to do?!’ My reply ‘I just need to keep looking, I know if I look for long enough I will find the opportunity that will make me a millionaire’


And…. here we are. Network Marketing flew into my life after I said no around 8 times because I was too busy searching for the right opportunity. A FREE opportunity like no other. All of the above, I had to pay out for. Some just for materials, some for advertising, some for the franchise rights. Here the opportunity was different. No overheads, you are your own advertising, no staff, no restricted hours. It all seemed like a dream. In all honesty, it still does feel like a dream. Everyday I pinch myself that a free opportunity has enabled me to change mine and my families life, and make a million dollars in commission along the way in just 4 1/2 years since saying YES. I had nothing to lose at all, but everything to gain.

Do I regret not saying yes sooner?! Sometimes. But, I believe everything happens for a reason, and I needed to go down a few wrong paths to bring me onto the right path. A path I am loving every second of. Not only has my life changed, but I get to help change the lives of so many others everyday, I finally have the freedom I craved, and yes…..I can provide. I feel secure knowing that I need nobody financially, and the reason that I am in my relationship is not because I need to be, but because I love to be.


To all my independent ladies out there, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for motivating me, and thank you for letting me know it is okay to want more, and to be more.

Love Em xxx

‘Two Under Two’

As I sit here approaching my final few hours as a Mummy to two beautiful babies under two years of age (Yes I am crazy!) I thought it would be a great time to write a blog reflecting back on this momentous occasion. All through my pregnancy I heard ‘Wow, your going to have 2 under 2!’ or ‘That is going to be hard work having 2 under 2!!’ and now I get asked all the time how I travel with two under two, how I work with two under two and how I generally survive each day with ‘two under two’.

Soooo….here it is. It is HARD WORK!! I rock the ‘Mum bun’ most days because I don’t have time to wash my hair as often, my cups of tea are rarely warm, there is a constant trail of mess, I hear ‘Mummy’ at least a hundred times a day but I LOVE it, and I am grateful for every second.

Rewind…. My pregnancy the second time round was totally different to first time round. With Jenson I had nausea for around 14 weeks and then it suddenly stopped and I flew through pregnancy and on the most part. I had back ache and the occasional moan, but if I was tired I stayed at home and worked from the sofa, and everything was just a huge exciting build up to our new arrival. Second time round I had around 18 weeks of awful nausea and sickness, and felt horrendous to the point where half way through being pregnant I was 9lbs less than when I started (Thanks to Terry’s chocolate orange I made up for it in the second half of pregnancy!)  Some days I was good for nothing. I always say if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my own business I would of definitely got the sack because some times I just needed to not move too far. However, the difference this time was there was a little boy that was still a baby to look after. A baby that during this pregnancy, would learn to crawl, walk, climb, and explore. A baby that needs picking up A LOT. So, it was a case of just getting on with it! Some of my most precious memories of being pregnant was Jenson rubbing my bump saying ‘baby’ once he had learned to say it and we have lots of beautiful photo’s captured of him gently saying hello to my growing bump. Pregnancy is HARD at any time, pregnancy with another small baby is hard yes, but worth it?! One million percent. Bringing Jeorgie home to meet her big brother was one of the best moments of my life. Seeing their already growing bond is beautiful. In my mind, I wanted to do all the baby stage in one go, and not get too far out of it before doing it again. It is hard, but I would do it again, and if we are lucky enough, I am sure we will. Although three under three may even be a bit too crazy for me!

Obviously most people probably wouldn’t pick to throw a house move in, in the midst of all this, but hey, I don’t like to be normal in any aspect of my life and this was just an added bit of chaos. I thoroughly believe that I work best, and most efficiently when I have a little bit of craziness going on in life. After all my business has gone from strength to strength both times I have been pregnant…

Which leads me onto the topic of working around two under two…..again, HARD WORK! But I know no different and don’t believe this is any different to working around children of any age. In our line of work it means we can work a lot from home, from our phones so we have a massive added advantage straight away. So if your in network marketing and you moan, then please don’t. We are lucky, very, very lucky. Yes, I have to work around nap times in ‘power hours’ or even ‘power half hours haha’ but I know that I am way more productive in that time, than sometimes if I had a whole day. You can do a lot in an hour, trust me I know. Often, our business thrives in the evening, when everyone is scrolling on social media. Which is perfect for us Mum’s because once the babies are in bed, we can get on with business. Yes, business. I don’t watch TV……and I mean virtually no TV. Once, I have got my business to where I want it to be, then I can watch all the TV in the world if that’s what I chose to do with my time but I suspect it won’t be.

Talking of TV…..on the other hand, I have absolutely no objection to my babies watching TV. I don’t mean they are going to sit for hours in front of it. But if I need to wash my hair, or Jenson is having a massive tantrum and the only way to deal with the situation is half hour of Paw Patrol then what’s the harm?! I might get judged for it, but in my opinion there are too many ladies out there already judging each other. If all Mum’s were honest, and told the truth, it would be that you do whatever you need to do, to get through the day with a little bit of sanity. Especially when the terrible two’s start. Which by the way, isn’t at age two, it’s at around 18 months. One thing I have found, is that not many people tell the truth about pregnancy or parenting.

Anyway, that was very off topic. But seriously if you are a mum of two under two in our industry or children of any age and you want to know how to work your business around babies. Please just know, that yes it is hard, you may have to work at odd times or even when you want to just go to bed yourself. But, be grateful. It may take longer to get to your goal, but don’t compare to ladies that have no children storming the business because you have a beautiful blessing right in front of you. It is also another blessing that you are able to work a business from home, around your children. We are part of the fastest growing industry, which is Mum’s building a business from home. HARD yes, worth it?! ABSOLUTELY.

Because of the beauty of our business, it means I have travelled a lot with babies, and the last 6 months with two under two years of age. This is probably the HARDEST, and also at times the most comical part. I don’t know why passport control insist on calling out your child’s name to check its them, when you’ve just got off the plane with a child that’s likely to of slept. My child doesn’t even speak to me when he’s just woke, let alone a random stranger. Meaning when passport control say ‘Jenson’ hello, Jenson’s reply is often ‘No’!! I think I could write a book on tips for travelling with children, but I will add some of my top ones. First off, don’t even think about having hand luggage for you anymore. You don’t have a spare hand for that. Once the pram is taken off you, you have to carry EVERYTHING until the luggage comes out the other end. Trust me when I say, with two wriggling children, two changing bags and something small to hold your phone and the passports is the MAX. You are likely to have to wear your child’s Paw Patrol back pack like it’s your chosen fashion accessory too. I really don’t care, I need all the hands free I can get.

The pram….DO NOT take your nice expensive new pram abroad. Unless you don’t mind seeing it thrown and kicked by airline staff out the plane window while they load it. Go get a cheap, easy to collapse one that you don’t care about. Often they are so much easier to push and fold down anyway. Oh and going back to the bags, if you care about your baby changing bag also get a cheap one of those to travel with. The air pressure makes milk bottles explode. Trust me, I know.

Don’t be embarrassed to use an ipad or biscuits or anything that will keep your child entertained on a flight. Yes in an ideal situation they may nap, but if they don’t, be ready. A small new book or toy they haven’t seen before is always a good idea, lots of snacks and water to sip on the way up and down to stop their little ears hurting.  The biggest tip I can offer. DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS OR SAYS. Yes, there will be the people that you sit next to that huff and puff. You can tell what they are thinking when you sit down near them, like brilliant, now I have a screaming child near me. If you are one of these people, then trust me when I say, we want a peaceful flight just as much as you, if not more so. We don’t want everyone looking at us because our child is crying or playing up. But have a little bit of empathy. You may one day be travelling with your own children, and sometimes, a little smile just to say ‘it’s okay’ or an offer to hold something while you struggle to get something out of your bag with a child on your lap, may mean everything in that moment to that Mum.

So, yes travelling with children of  any age is HARD. But worth it?! Every Time. Teaching them about different places, cultures and people. Teaching them to explore and be part of their adventures. Creating memories to last a lifetime. Don’t avoid it because its hard, if you can, do it.


I don’t know if this will be of any use to any Mum’s to two under two or to anyone. But, I know that I will look back on these times and remember yes, some days may be hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have two beautiful blessings and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. For now, I am raising a glass to my beautiful boy and looking forward to TODDLER LIFE!! And, to all you Mumma’s out there with two under two or any age, know that you are doing a great job and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise!

Love Em xxx



The Early Days

Right from being a little girl, I always had HUGE dreams. When I used to talk about the places I would travel to, and the sort of house I would live in, people used to say ‘You need to marry a rich man’. I used to reply ‘no I am going to be a rich woman’. I didn’t know how, but I always knew I would have exactly the life I wanted….

‘All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them’ Walt Disney

I worked hard at school, and went to university. I chose the wrong subject, and ended up doing a degree for 3 years that made me feel restricted and didn’t allow me to be creative in anyway. It was hard to stick at my uni course, and I was always dreaming about starting to earn money and having a career. I left university and still didn’t really know at such a young age what I wanted to do. We are educated to work hard to get qualifications, and then to go straight into the workplace and work hard for 40 plus years of our lives. My first day in my office job I was just thinking WOW, is this really what people do for all their lives…..spend all day everyday in the office wishing for the weekend, and living for those 5 weeks holiday a year?!! Don’t get me wrong, I know some people love what they do, and if that is in an office, that is fine, but it wasn’t for me….I knew there and then on that first day, I was going to have my own business.
I started my own business at the age of 23, where I had a cosmetic teeth whitening business, I started this totally from scratch and built up a huge client base all over the UK, working in lots of salons, gyms, hairdressers and visiting peoples homes. When I first began, I thought it was the dream job. No boss, no alarm clock, working on my terms, when I wanted. I felt this way for a good few years. However, then I began to feel like there was still more out there for me, I was lonely travelling in my car all the time, I was frustrated not knowing exactly how many clients I would have each month, even more frustrated when people cancelled on me. I was basically trading my time for money in that traditional business model and there was only so many clients I could see in a day before my income was capped.
So along the way, I would try my hand at a few other things. First of all, I used my creative side to make gift cards and sell them at stalls on the weekends. Which was okay, but too time consuming for me. Then I sold jewelry, and a clothing range to supplement my income, Both of these were partnered with a company, little did I know at the time, that they were both in the industry I became a part of, but nobody ever told me there was anymore too it other than selling the product.
I tried my hand at offering beauty treatments alongside the teeth whitening treatment but it was always trading my time for money. I used to dream up business ideas all the time, and was a HUGE fan of Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice.
The last small business I started alongside my teeth whitening business was a cupcake company called Baking Love, which I had with my Mum, We would do all kinds of cupcakes, wedding cakes, hampers, jams and chutneys. My Mum would bake, and I would decorate. This business became really popular really quick, and we really used social media in our favour. I don’t think a lot of people realise the massive amount of work that goes into starting a business from scratch, especially a home based business. When I wasn’t out teeth whitening, I would be decorating cakes or doing a wedding set up, and when I wasn’t doing that, I would be sat on the computer drumming up business on social media for both the businesses. I loved this business but I still knew I was trading time for money….
All along this time, the lady that had trained me in teeth whitening, Catherine had been approaching me about a different kind of business model. I had been approached by lots of companies over the years and  I didn’t feel passionate about the products. I thought to be succesful in business you needed to create your own product or idea…..how wrong was i?! Catherine finally caught me on a down day and I said YES to what she had to offer.

Fast forward and I am now 31 years old, a partner to Alex, a Mummy to Baby Jenson who is 5 months old, and I have created a HUGE online business, mainly based from home, that has given me the lifestyle and income I always dreamed of. I didn’t have a clue when I said yes to what was on offer, I just ran with it. People used to say to me ‘Oh your trying to sell something else or starting something new again and roll their eyes’ I used to reply ‘Yes, I have to try lots of things before I find the thing that is going to make me a millionaire’….now I have found exactly that.

‘If someone offers you an opportunity, and your not sure if you can do it. say YES and learn how to do it later’

                                                                   Richard Branson

I look forward to sharing with you all about my business, how I have built it and how I balance having a business and a bubba….

Love Emma xx

You’re SO lucky

I frequently get told I am lucky….well, YES I am lucky, but I created the luck I have. I believe absolutely anyone can do the same….

As I said before, when I first got introduced to this opportunity, I did not have a clue what I was doing. But, I was keen to learn and had a dream. A dream of long term freedom and the ability to create whatever life I wanted. To be able to live in whatever home, to be able to drive whatever car, to be able to travel wherever I wanted, to be able to chuck my shopping in the shopping trolley without looking at prices, to be able to have a family and provide the best….and ultimately the very best I could give, was to be able to give my TIME. This is a luxury we cannot buy.

We are taught, especially here in the UK, that we go to school, go to university, work hard and then work hard at whatever job we choose for 40 odd years, If as women, we want to have a family, we make a choice between having a career and having a baby, and often made to feel guilty for what we choose. This isn’t the only way though,,,,what I have learnt over the last 3 years, is we need to work SMART. I now LOVE everyday showing other women especially how to work smart.

3 years ago, I got to work at something I thought in hind site would be easy to achieve my dreams….I was so wrong!! Here in the UK, we also are so closed minded when it comes to anything other than the ‘norm’. I thought I had found an amazing opportunity, and that everyone else would see what I saw…..I was VERY wrong haha. 

I have heard the word NO, more than I could ever tell you, I have lost friends and family members, I have felt rejected, disheartened, like everything is going so wrong. I have been ignored more times than I remember. People would join, be excited and disappear, join and moan its too hard, join and say there friends were being horrible to them about it so they didn’t want to do it anymore. I have heard every excuse in the book as to why people can’t do this business, or even consider looking at it, and I too, have come up with every excuse of why I couldn’t do it. One year in, I felt I was getting absolutely nowhere, so I was going to quit. I was just going to concentrate on building the business I already had.

I have no time, is the grown up version of ‘the dog ate my homework’

January 2014 – one of the most significant times of my life. Alex and I were buying our first home, and just about to get the keys. On the same weekend, there was also an event with the business I had in my mind made the decision to quit. However, something was pulling me back, telling me I needed to go to this event….the option was, pick up our keys, and move in together. Or pick up the keys, leave Alex to move in and go to London on my own and see for one last time if I could make something of this business. Most people would of probably moved into their home, its such a monumental moment in life. I, however, found myself in London….

Something clicked, I can’t tell you what…..I knew I had to give this business one last shot, but this time give it my absolute all. I knew I wanted to start a family, and I knew my current business wouldn’t give me the life I dreamed and would be so hard to manage around a family. I am SO grateful everyday I got myself to that event (if your in my business, and reading this – that there, is the very power of events. You just don’t know what a person will see/hear at an event and then go on to do afterwards)

The motto is…..Yes, I am lucky, but only because I never QUIT!!!

Winners never quit, and quitters never win – Vince Lombardi

I hope this blog has inspired at least one person never to give up on their dreams – just when you are about to give up, is usually just when something amazing is about to happen. Believe me, I know!
Love Emma xxx