A Grateful Heart Is a Magnet for Miracles

The Power of Gratitude

As we approach our first year in our new home, I often catch myself walking across the landing checking on our babies in bed and still stand here pinching myself that this is real. We OWN this home. It was only 5 years ago I was sleeping on a mattress on my parents spare room floor with all my possessions in one room feeling like every time I was making progress, life was sending me a curve ball. I then discovered something called GRATITUDE.

If you haven’t heard of gratitude, it’s very simple. You give thanks for everything you have and everything you ‘will have’. Now I may of lost a few of you right now, for thinking I’m crazy. Get to know me, and you’ll realise I really do not care if you think I’m a little bit ‘coo-coo’. In fact, the moment I stopped thinking about what other people thought of me, is exactly when my business started to boom, and my life began to dramatically change.

So I was introduced to a different way of thinking, and instead of wishing my life was different and being jealous of what I didn’t have, I was shown to appreciate what I have got, and carry on working hard, knowing that the things I wish for, will come to me. Because let’s be honest, we ALL have things to be grateful for even if we can’t see it.

How Gratitude Changed My Life

Opening my eyes in the morning…..Okay so back then it was to 4 walls I didn’t want to particularly want to be in, BUT I was alive, had a roof over my head, in a warm, clean home, I had food, I was healthy, I had family, I had friends, I had a car that got me from A to B, and I had work ethic. I knew where I wanted to be, just didn’t know quite how to get there but I was willing to trust in a new way of thinking. Being resentful for everything I had lost, everything I didn’t have, being a victim of life was getting me nowhere.

So instead when I saw a couple holding hands, or a family with a newborn baby, or a girl dressed up being wined and dined on a date, I didn’t get envious, I thought how lovely. I was genuinely happy for other people’s happiness. I started thinking about all the things I would like in a partner, and really BELIEVE that i was going to meet the person I was meant to be with.

When I was driving around in the car that is spoken about quite often, with about a million miles on the clock and a puddle in the footwell, I didn’t hate it. I was grateful it was getting me safely to where I needed to be, and when I drove past dreamy 4×4 that I’ve always wanted to drive, I didn’t look at the driver with hate, I just started to visualise that being me. After lots of practice (and yes I may lose a few more of you here) of visualising what I wanted, when I got in my car, I was in my mind getting in my dream car being so thankful for what I had, and what I knew was coming. It’s almost a year since I was able to buy my dream Range Rover, and when I sit in that car, I am still SO grateful. The novelty has not warn off one bit. I still feel like the day I collected it from the garage. From having nothing, to having this new life, I will be forever grateful for. You will never see me get used to it. Probably why Primark is still my favourite shop…..I can’t see that changing?! Surely everyone loves a bit of Primark secretly.

I started using a money tracker where I tracked every penny in, and every penny out. Yes, PENNY! Even if I found a penny at the bottom of my bag, I would and still will say thank you. It’s money!! If you want to attract more of something into your life, you need to be grateful for what’s already there in front of you.

That was actually a huge learning for me after many many years of being silly with money, resulting in debt, and then unable to get finance on a car or any sort of home. Realising how much I could frivolously spend. Using a tracker made me grateful for every penny I earned, made me think about my spending, and made me grateful for money in general. Going from having a really bad attitude towards money to a sensible, healthy attitude towards it really has been a huge factor in my life. I’m so grateful I’ve changed my mindset on money. Every time I spend, I say thank you. Even if it’s just something small. When I’ve paid my bills, I’ll say thank you or write thank you on the bottom of a bill. If you are like I was, then I highly recommend tracking. It truly has changed a lot for me.

If you don’t think you’ve got anything to be grateful for, I challenge you to write down 10 things every night before bed, that you’re grateful for. I guarantee you, you’ll realise your luckier in life than you think you are. Our minds have a funny way of tricking us into being ungrateful, so being consistently thankful, trains you to think and feel differently. Being grateful often brings more happiness into people’s lives. I’ve seen it so many times.

Tonight as I lay on my toddlers floor getting him to stay in bed which he will only do if we ‘hold hands Mummy’, I won’t be wishing I was downstairs relaxing, or being able to get on with work. I’ll be eternally grateful for that moment. I choose to ignore the critics who tell me I’m a making a ‘rod for my own back’ (but more on this topic another day!) and instead I know that it won’t be forever that my beautiful boy is going to want to hold Mummies hand. So instead, I will take whatever time he needs to drift into his sleep, being super thankful for those chubby soft fingers wrapped round mine.

And on that note….I thank you for taking the time to read this and being supportive of my writing I share with you, and wish you to also believe in the POWER of gratitude.



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