On My Wedding Eve…

Thank you Mr Universe; dreams really can come true.

Today is my wedding eve, and as I prepare to walk down the aisle tomorrow I have a mix of emotions…..nervousness, excitement and love all wrapped up into one.

Prior to getting engaged, Alex and I never spoke about getting married. His proposal came out of the blue, but I’ve counted down to this moment ever since. 20 months of planning have lead to this day and I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be walking down the aisle in front of our loved ones to start our next chapter as Mr and Mrs.

I was never a young girl that really dreamed of her wedding day. Maybe the odd comment about wanting a castle and horse and carriage. But I didn’t really envision the day. I think as a young girl you just assume that the day will come when you will marry.

However, I definitely know that this feeling had well and truly left me in my twenties. I am writing this now for all the other women who feel the same…..

‘No one can love you until you learn to love yourself’

At the age of 27 I moved home with my parents. I had a mattress on the spare room floor. I was in debt and angry that in my late twenties my life was taking a different direction to what I thought it would. That same year I moved home, two of my oldest friends were getting married and starting families. It seemed everyone around me was settling down, nobody was like me anymore and living for the weekends. They were happy to stay home for their couples nights in, and I just wanted to go out and be enjoying myself. I suppose I thought the more you went out, the better chance you had of meeting someone. This wasn’t the case for me.

Two relationships in my twenties had seen me heartbroken. One left me a self confessed man hater, the other left me with a truly heavy heart under circumstances out of anyone’s control.

I was nearing 30, and thought my life needed to change. I started doing a lot of self development, and I read that you need to be truly happy on your own, to ever find the right person. I 100%, hand on heart believe this is correct. I needed to be content just being me. So that’s what I did, I became happy being me. I loved me for who I was, and who I was becoming. I realised that if I didn’t love and value me, nobody else would.


I starting visualising the life I wanted. You might totally be on the same page as me now, or you might be thinking what is she on about?! Either way I don’t mind. This has worked for me, and if I can help one other woman to love herself in her pursuit for happiness then I’ll be happy.

I visualised the man that would walk into my life, all I wanted in a partner. And in that moment I was content that this would happen, and it isn’t a huge rush. I looked at other couples with love, not envy. Your twenties are about learning, finding out who you are, who you want to be, where you want to go in life. I’m actually so grateful for all my experiences as it’s bought me to the path I am on today. Nothing in my life has been rushed, I’ve taken my time, made my mistakes and now as I approach 34 years in age, I would say (as I’m about to become a wife) I am truly happy with the way my life has gone. There is no regret, no wishing anything had happened sooner. Suck up the sad times, to appreciate the great times.

I had faith in the universe and sure enough the man I had visualised walked into my life. Well technically not, I walked into his. Well, I’m actually not too sure you can call tweeting someone’s business page about your business either of those things. But that’s how this whole thing began. I am so thankful for social media for more than just my own social media based business. Social media bought my future husband into my life (take note social media haters!).

We didn’t meet in a conventional way and, if you know us, we aren’t very conventional with anything. We moved in after 4 months of knowing each other, taking a chance on how we felt, despite many people saying it wouldn’t work and it was too rushed. We started our family having never spoke about marriage. Alex booked our wedding venue before even asking me to marry him, and tomorrow you will see our 2 year old son be best man at our wedding.

We never do things by half, but we do things we love. And I wouldn’t of wished for my journey to be any other way.

So on my wedding eve, I want to make two special thank you’s. One to Mr Universe, for leading me always in the direction I need to be. And the second to Mr S, Alex, tomorrow I become your wife. I couldn’t be more happy and proud and can’t wait to see you as I walk down the aisle to you.

‘Sometimes the most difficult paths lead you to the most beautiful destinations’

And for all the other women that feel how I felt and for my daughter Jeorgie as she reads this when she grows up, have faith, have fun, be you, act with love….and everything will work out as it should…..Who are we comparing to anyway?! This is your life, your journey, and your story.

Love from the very soon to be Mrs Salter x


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