‘Two Under Two’

As I sit here approaching my final few hours as a Mummy to two beautiful babies under two years of age (Yes I am crazy!) I thought it would be a great time to write a blog reflecting back on this momentous occasion. All through my pregnancy I heard ‘Wow, your going to have 2 under 2!’ or ‘That is going to be hard work having 2 under 2!!’ and now I get asked all the time how I travel with two under two, how I work with two under two and how I generally survive each day with ‘two under two’.

Soooo….here it is. It is HARD WORK!! I rock the ‘Mum bun’ most days because I don’t have time to wash my hair as often, my cups of tea are rarely warm, there is a constant trail of mess, I hear ‘Mummy’ at least a hundred times a day but I LOVE it, and I am grateful for every second.

Rewind…. My pregnancy the second time round was totally different to first time round. With Jenson I had nausea for around 14 weeks and then it suddenly stopped and I flew through pregnancy and on the most part. I had back ache and the occasional moan, but if I was tired I stayed at home and worked from the sofa, and everything was just a huge exciting build up to our new arrival. Second time round I had around 18 weeks of awful nausea and sickness, and felt horrendous to the point where half way through being pregnant I was 9lbs less than when I started (Thanks to Terry’s chocolate orange I made up for it in the second half of pregnancy!)  Some days I was good for nothing. I always say if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my own business I would of definitely got the sack because some times I just needed to not move too far. However, the difference this time was there was a little boy that was still a baby to look after. A baby that during this pregnancy, would learn to crawl, walk, climb, and explore. A baby that needs picking up A LOT. So, it was a case of just getting on with it! Some of my most precious memories of being pregnant was Jenson rubbing my bump saying ‘baby’ once he had learned to say it and we have lots of beautiful photo’s captured of him gently saying hello to my growing bump. Pregnancy is HARD at any time, pregnancy with another small baby is hard yes, but worth it?! One million percent. Bringing Jeorgie home to meet her big brother was one of the best moments of my life. Seeing their already growing bond is beautiful. In my mind, I wanted to do all the baby stage in one go, and not get too far out of it before doing it again. It is hard, but I would do it again, and if we are lucky enough, I am sure we will. Although three under three may even be a bit too crazy for me!

Obviously most people probably wouldn’t pick to throw a house move in, in the midst of all this, but hey, I don’t like to be normal in any aspect of my life and this was just an added bit of chaos. I thoroughly believe that I work best, and most efficiently when I have a little bit of craziness going on in life. After all my business has gone from strength to strength both times I have been pregnant…

Which leads me onto the topic of working around two under two…..again, HARD WORK! But I know no different and don’t believe this is any different to working around children of any age. In our line of work it means we can work a lot from home, from our phones so we have a massive added advantage straight away. So if your in network marketing and you moan, then please don’t. We are lucky, very, very lucky. Yes, I have to work around nap times in ‘power hours’ or even ‘power half hours haha’ but I know that I am way more productive in that time, than sometimes if I had a whole day. You can do a lot in an hour, trust me I know. Often, our business thrives in the evening, when everyone is scrolling on social media. Which is perfect for us Mum’s because once the babies are in bed, we can get on with business. Yes, business. I don’t watch TV……and I mean virtually no TV. Once, I have got my business to where I want it to be, then I can watch all the TV in the world if that’s what I chose to do with my time but I suspect it won’t be.

Talking of TV…..on the other hand, I have absolutely no objection to my babies watching TV. I don’t mean they are going to sit for hours in front of it. But if I need to wash my hair, or Jenson is having a massive tantrum and the only way to deal with the situation is half hour of Paw Patrol then what’s the harm?! I might get judged for it, but in my opinion there are too many ladies out there already judging each other. If all Mum’s were honest, and told the truth, it would be that you do whatever you need to do, to get through the day with a little bit of sanity. Especially when the terrible two’s start. Which by the way, isn’t at age two, it’s at around 18 months. One thing I have found, is that not many people tell the truth about pregnancy or parenting.

Anyway, that was very off topic. But seriously if you are a mum of two under two in our industry or children of any age and you want to know how to work your business around babies. Please just know, that yes it is hard, you may have to work at odd times or even when you want to just go to bed yourself. But, be grateful. It may take longer to get to your goal, but don’t compare to ladies that have no children storming the business because you have a beautiful blessing right in front of you. It is also another blessing that you are able to work a business from home, around your children. We are part of the fastest growing industry, which is Mum’s building a business from home. HARD yes, worth it?! ABSOLUTELY.

Because of the beauty of our business, it means I have travelled a lot with babies, and the last 6 months with two under two years of age. This is probably the HARDEST, and also at times the most comical part. I don’t know why passport control insist on calling out your child’s name to check its them, when you’ve just got off the plane with a child that’s likely to of slept. My child doesn’t even speak to me when he’s just woke, let alone a random stranger. Meaning when passport control say ‘Jenson’ hello, Jenson’s reply is often ‘No’!! I think I could write a book on tips for travelling with children, but I will add some of my top ones. First off, don’t even think about having hand luggage for you anymore. You don’t have a spare hand for that. Once the pram is taken off you, you have to carry EVERYTHING until the luggage comes out the other end. Trust me when I say, with two wriggling children, two changing bags and something small to hold your phone and the passports is the MAX. You are likely to have to wear your child’s Paw Patrol back pack like it’s your chosen fashion accessory too. I really don’t care, I need all the hands free I can get.

The pram….DO NOT take your nice expensive new pram abroad. Unless you don’t mind seeing it thrown and kicked by airline staff out the plane window while they load it. Go get a cheap, easy to collapse one that you don’t care about. Often they are so much easier to push and fold down anyway. Oh and going back to the bags, if you care about your baby changing bag also get a cheap one of those to travel with. The air pressure makes milk bottles explode. Trust me, I know.

Don’t be embarrassed to use an ipad or biscuits or anything that will keep your child entertained on a flight. Yes in an ideal situation they may nap, but if they don’t, be ready. A small new book or toy they haven’t seen before is always a good idea, lots of snacks and water to sip on the way up and down to stop their little ears hurting.  The biggest tip I can offer. DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS OR SAYS. Yes, there will be the people that you sit next to that huff and puff. You can tell what they are thinking when you sit down near them, like brilliant, now I have a screaming child near me. If you are one of these people, then trust me when I say, we want a peaceful flight just as much as you, if not more so. We don’t want everyone looking at us because our child is crying or playing up. But have a little bit of empathy. You may one day be travelling with your own children, and sometimes, a little smile just to say ‘it’s okay’ or an offer to hold something while you struggle to get something out of your bag with a child on your lap, may mean everything in that moment to that Mum.

So, yes travelling with children of  any age is HARD. But worth it?! Every Time. Teaching them about different places, cultures and people. Teaching them to explore and be part of their adventures. Creating memories to last a lifetime. Don’t avoid it because its hard, if you can, do it.


I don’t know if this will be of any use to any Mum’s to two under two or to anyone. But, I know that I will look back on these times and remember yes, some days may be hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have two beautiful blessings and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. For now, I am raising a glass to my beautiful boy and looking forward to TODDLER LIFE!! And, to all you Mumma’s out there with two under two or any age, know that you are doing a great job and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise!

Love Em xxx




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